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What is journal writing?

An ongoing joyful activity to develop a personal history.

Journal writing is the process of recording all the events that happen in your day-to-day life, your views about situations you encounter, and the thoughts you may have. Also, you can organize your life by keeping to-do lists, calendars, and budget planners. Essentially, keeping a journal allows you to keep track of what you remember or want to remember.

Here are some questions that can fuel your journaling habits, if you choose to keep one:

  1. What do you remember at the end of the day, week, month, or year?
  2. What are the most significant events in your life?
  3. What are the most difficult situations you have experienced?
  4. What were the setbacks of that situation?
  5. What are your hopes and dreams?
  6. Who is your role model, and why?
  7. What do you like to do?
  8. What is the budget plan you have for the next week or month?

You could start by sharing memorable stories, ones with your family, and friends. Your journal is your listener. Start by simply expressing your views. Then, jot down thoughts in a notebook, begin with a few words or a small drawing, like a bullet journal. Your daily life, the places you gravitate towards, the people you spend time with, any thought that passes through your mind – you can write about whatever you want, after all, it is your journal.

Other alternatives like posts on social media and blogs can be a great medium if you want others to view your thoughts. You can also record your thoughts.

It's entirely up to you.

You can do journal daily, weekly monthly, or even in random intervals, and you can do so in whatever medium you choose.

The most significant effort of journaling is starting a journal.

Try to consistent, and eventually, you'll find a rhythm. Hopefully, you'll stick with that rhythm over time, and if you don't, that's fine too!

After all, the world needs your story and you in some way.

Here are some benefits of writing in a journal:

  • Improved writing and narrating skills
  • improved memory
  • Sharpened creativity
  • Improved self-realization and self-reflection
  • More self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Widened knowledge and perspective
  • The ability to find solutions and overcome the harder situations
  • The ability to estimate and budget better
  • The ability to better prepare personal history statements
  • Improved emotional Intelligence
  • The ability to build personal values and personal history over time that can be passed along.
  • After all, we all have a story to share so that you can make a contribution to the world.

The Diary of Good is a journal you may use to record and track your best deeds. By logging each day the good deeds you have accomplished, you will encourage yourself to do even more. Looking back on previous pages will bring you encouragement to continue on the path of virtue. Allow the Diary of Good to serve as a guide of personal empowerment to make the right choices as you live each day, and to be an example for others.

At the beginning of this Diary, you will find 13 traits that you can refer to as a check to determine if you are doing all that you can to do good deeds and ultimately live a life of fulfillment. Read these traits regularly to remind yourself of the things you are doing well, and the things upon which you need to improve. We all need these reminders in our lives.

What is good diaries about? Good diaries good journals, letters, and memoirs are what a reasonable person can begin learn "how to build self esteem" and can make ourselves a richest personal history.

Focus on the good

Life can be hectic. Using the Diary of Good helps you remain focused on what life is truly all about. We all can get lost in the necessary details of the daily routine. But, by journaling daily in the Diary of Good, you have the chance to recenter your thoughts. You'll then be able to steer yourself towards goodness and virtue.

Each page in the Diary is a gift to you — a gift of a fresh start. Without a diary, you may quickly become discouraged during hard times because you have forgotten all the good you have done in the past. By entering daily in your journal, you can refer back to previous pages during periods of hardship, to remind you of all that you have done to live an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

How to be more positive?

If you’ve ever heard of the negativity bias, you’ve probably also heard that keeping a record of your gratitude is a worthy effort in combating this psychological phenomenon. Research continues to tote the positive benefits of gratitude journals and mindfulness. If you’re ready to take it a step further and kick your negativity bias to the curb, it’s time to dive deep into the pages of Diary of Good.

For those who need a refresher, “negativity bias” is the idea that unpleasant things or circumstances in life have a more powerful impact on the human psyche than actual events of equal intensity. While there is research that shows how this mindset can help avoid risk and danger, there is undoubtedly also research that shows how a positive outlook on life may beget more positivity. That’s why we created Diary of Good; think of it as a gratitude journal on the next level. With helpful prompts and manifestos for leading a good life, this journal will keep you on a positive track.

We believe that the more we focus on the good, the more the goodwill focus on us. We recommend spending just a few minutes each day to reflect on all the good you did for others and all the good that was bestowed upon you. Soon enough, it will become second nature to enjoy life for all that it has to offer, rather than to view your glass half empty.

At the end,

How to be more positive? The easiest and straightforward way is to focus on the good. There are many benefits of keeping a journal, writing journals, one of them is building your self esteem. Diary of Good is a writing journal to keeping track of good deeds. You can buy in amazon, eBay, facebook store.

Who Can Use This?

For a better society around us, everyone can use it.


Writing a good diary helps reduce stress. It helps to feel joyful and secure. It allows becoming accountable, respectful with integrity. It improves and enhances writing skills, communication skills, creativity and builds resilience.


It can be a tool for self-realization and self-discovery. To keep the secret as secret and within our own hands. Encourages to be stronger, rather than run-away. It helps to Process the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and solve problems. It helps to realize the good days and more good days are always going to come.


It helps to have a clear mind always. It helps to be organized and focused. Writing a good journal can bring strength to self-esteem. It gives us the courage to learn another language. It helps to identify what we want in life eventually. All of us have at least a few untold good stories by noting them we can become a writer for our own.


“Man makes History; History makes Man.” In that way, our self history and life lessons can be passed down to our children, grandchildren, friends, and family. So our memories remembered for a long time. Good stories and scribbles help to build a secure and safe environment around us. Let all of us do good.

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